Conference Houseboat
Conference house boat is mainly used to host company meetings or conferences

We can use conference house boat for different purposes like (wedding parties, reception, get together, birthday parties,etc)
If company conference is hosting we will provide projectors, screen, soundsystems of high quality and we will provide different food menu on request

Coferencehouseboat we will give the boat for cruises from 11.30am to 5pm for the conference And after that for the  accommodation of  persons who attend the coference.we will give different house boats for night halt. After the  conference at 5pm when the conference houseboat hault for the night stay all the the other houseboat will come near by one by one .From the conference houseboat everyone will shift to other houseboat by one by one for the night accommodation

The food menu is like that the (welcome drink, lunch, tea-snacks) you will get in the conference houseboat(dinner, break fast )it will be arranged in the different houseboats where  you halt for the night stay

When the houseboat is hangering at 5.00pm.We arrange D'J party in the night on an island place and so and so...

Three options for the conference houseboats  
1st option is (overnight) stay .check in time is 11, 3 0 am in the morning and check out time is day after tomorrow morning 9 am (22hour's)
2nd option is the day cruise (check in time ,11-30am to 5pm) foodmenu (welcomedrink, lunch, tea, snacks)
3rd option is First day you can make the meeting on conference house boat and 2nd day if your person, s want to do the seight seeing you can do it on the 2nd day (check in time -frst day 11.30 am morning and check out time -2nd day 5pm in the evening